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Welcome to the SPDT website.  This site is a resource of information about the treatment of cancer called Sonodynamic PhotoDynamic Therapy.  

The principles behind this treatment are the use of an agent which is responsive to both light and ultrasound.   

Patients are exposed to light therapy followed by ultrasound as a means of causing tumour necrosis.

What is SPDT?

What is Involved in SPDT Treatment?

The sensitizer is taken under the tongue - drop by drop - and then binds to the tumour. The introduction of red light followed by ultrasound causes the agent to react which then induces necrosis in the tumour.

The treatment has been undertaken by several hundred patients at treatment centres in the United Kingdom and in China.  The experiences of patients in the United Kingdom has been peer reviewed and published in the September 2009 copy of Current Drug Therapy.

This site is intended to provide information for cancer professionals and sufferers alike.  If you have any comments regarding the site, please forward them to editor@spdt.org.uk

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